Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success
(Henry Ford)

In 1975 there were a few hundred animals, but over the years the Chiola Group has grown exponentially becoming a point of reference in Italy in the pig sector. Thanks to strategic and forward-looking choices, the Chiola Group has acquired scrofaie and farms in Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia Romagna and Veneto.

The Chiola Group specializes in pig farming that supply meat for Parma ham, the EU’s prestigious “protected designation of origin”: Prosciutto di Parma PDO. The supply chain of this Italian product, appreciated all over the world, is protected and regulated by a strict Production Regulations.

The great experience gained and the passion for this work (handed down from generation to generation) make the Chiola Group a solid and reliable company, which focuses above all on animal welfare.

May 2, 2019 has been an historic day for the Group: The Chiola family bought the majority of the share capital of Ferrero Mangimi Spa, one of the main players in the Italian market.

This two realities are complementarity and represents an extraordinary opportunity to express important synergies necessary in order to face future challenges, maintaining the same typically Piedmontese entrepreneurial imprinting.

This powerful collaboration will guarantee the Group a constant supply of feed, in terms of quality and quantity, making it possible to build a tailor-made supply chains.

Technical team

When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.
(John Ruskin)

The Chiola Group carefully selects the production facilities to be included in its supply chain, ensuring that all animal welfare standards are respected there (according to European legislation) and that there are all the necessary conditions for the birth and growth of pigs, conforming to the production of Prosciutto di Parma (Parma ham), according to the strict rules dictated by the PDO Production Specification.

Veterinarians with proven experience and specialised technicians work at each production site and are constantly monitoring activities of farmers. The Chiola Group can count on highly qualified personnel and invests in training and updating of workers involved in the management and supervision of livestock farms.

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